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Loading Living Toa*i 

»oa txtnadatt Baal at 

1. Inaart tha Extended Beelo ratal a. 

I. Inaart ih« Living Toab dirt In drive #1. 

3. Select Extended Beelo froa the uln nenu. 

4. Living To«b will auto-load. 

Proa ■ditor/Aeeeablert 

Inaart tha Bdltor/Aeeeabler nodule. 
Inaart tha Living Toab dtak In drlva ffl. 
Select Bdltor/Aeeenbler froa tha a* in eenu, 
Sal act option «6 froa tha B/A aenu. 
Type "DSKl.LlVIMOTOiB*' at proapt. 
Praaa <EMTER>. Living Toab will load. 

froa) TI friUri 



Inaart Tl-Wrltar aodule. 

Inaart Living Toab dlak In drlva 01. 

Balaot Tl-trltar froa tha ealn aanu. 

Seleot option 3 for Utility. 

At proapt, tvpa fltenea* of DSKl.LIVINaTCHB. 

Praaa <1NTBR>. Living Toab alll load. 

©1989 Quinton Tomanen 
fill Rights Reserved 

Pro« Mlal-Haaoryt 


Inaart Mini Beeory aodule. 

Inaart Living Toab dlak In drlva 01. 

Seleot Mini Maeory froa tha aatn aenu. 

Balaot option 3 for Ra-lnltlallze. 

Praaa PCTN to Proceed. 

Salaot option 1 for Load and Run. 

At proapt, type fllanaaa D8K1.LTCWB. 

Praaa <BMT1R>. Living Toab will load. 

■lthar of tha abova aathoda alll bring you to tha title aoraan. froa there. 

Hit pllg la^S raadf joy.tlok .1. rel—e <ALPHA LOCK> and you .re read, to 


fhta product, ea ara all Ooaprodlna produota. la guaranteed to parfora u edvertlaad and 

•lirfTtn. puroheaer. If for av reeeon. ■!«.!« the f irat 30 day., you are unhappy -it* 

ihla product you nay return It ae originally aold for a full refund. 

ir you enjoy thle pteaea oonelder other Ooaprodlna product* euoh ae «I»«TIT, "CTUM ; If. 

Jirrr rim. Jim cam. row aw. ootok cum, oocok run. cm/run oraphics. cards 


Thank Tou 

for YOUk aupport 

(714) 900-«77 18-9 ft PST 

koditer karri tt 
1949 Kv nrg rean Ave. 
FuUerton, CA 02638 


PHOtfr«jie«ra' Dlak^rlbution Nktwork 


<£> 1989 
distributed by 


Sooner lot 

The one. Mourl.hin. M of »^.^ 't»~ pi r??h. t uw5 , ^b ' hut o«"\ 

Iv.ryoae kno.e .here the jur.. e oot'M ^ ™ -p.^- tave dar0d t o 

fee bii-hHdl. •- U ; br K lae ?4^r I ill 2i?o?tJ- «« >bl. to eooo.pll.hl) 
..t foot inelde the To.b. CTh*t !• Jll J " ;,,,^^.,. - voU! Naturally, you 
It «.« ihet the l " d q h :*j»; t v ""US. tolt^rth. Living Toeb (CSVALT) to 
to to the Cheeber of Suioldel ™* u »- !«-truotione! hi.tory. Surgeoo Oeoer.I'. 
«et m. defile of the -«S -SSl. lP»Si^Sil5 i»S.T »o« ooald Ju.t eklp 
lernlng egeln.t doing «. .nd euoh. If you .ou^ » ^ lo ^ ln< 

reading it e> llTW'i -Jet the Deed. ^Id^^nd^J ^ ^ t tl-a . 

nSTS-l JSl'l*St»»2S. £LU th. door..y .., get olog.ed .ith your 

i«k ♦.« .»• the lend. To oerry out thle r ether inti.ldetlng 

re.e.ber Itl) So.ewh.r. Im tdmjm . ft™^ ^™ ? t ... creeled by the 1*11 
to be eble to *«*■■■"{•. "•*!•; ,1121 Oe« Believing it ... eefe to bury 
Alohe.l-t. It he. been celled the J^^^^tpl^aertaker. did j«-i thet 
the t»o. Alohe.let end Oe.. in *«• ■«"" • . „ m Deeon, end ueed 

Hueor. hev. It thet the Alohe. et he. ooe. to fe egeU. .. ^ tfc# 

hi. Oe. to our.e the people, though not ■"»■ ""^JJ:. , ft „ u-ln « it for 
glooey gr.v. A. plentiful "^"/i;..?! IXo ITunentln oo^.ot -o thet it 

the our.e. 

Unfortunately, there ..... to be • J-«"rSllS: '«Sd . ^h^CSvel? 

loftgor . 0... Seoond the Dojoj Klnj ^ Ji.^J.Jet!- Ita. In head. Fourth. 
• Ill not let you com out of th • To.b unle.. you n. ^^ ^^ -jjrun< 

eoeehoe. probeb.y pieced b, the J?-°J JJ^^^J^Ei, .o.t uafortun.t. i. thet 

Sri^^S'^l^'t.'S- 2»Si -net. no! kno.n .. th. Living Toeb. 

,ortunete,y. ther J.J •^^^i^epol^nd^J-or"^^ "fortune!. 

have not bothered to pick up eoee of the •■•»" n J^J 4pound the en trence. you 
f„ that breved the Toeb before you. _Th ! n «h SecJnd! the oreeturee ell oerry 
.hould be eble to find e we.por, end J ^/ »• ^ gQod upon 

"U- Jo tie beginning of your ne-e if you eucoeed. 
Sterling Out! 

To pie, the geee. .11 you re.lly have to do 1-^-^ ""^fl »"nd.! 
the title eoreeo. But e. »»« •"' "^"^rll. Thlbotto- nine ere -de up 
the .creen will change to . »•* ? f "£ ^Se !y .y.«lf thet I challenge you to 
.cor«. but th. top one 1- • re. ioom "J "J" ■ your.elf bee. et the 
beat. If »o, pre., the <FIRB> button now. you -l * » » t ^ you mlll be .creen. Ageln. you ■*» "* 111? pl.y .Short g~e u.lng only 1 H.P. 

placed in D-o-Mode. Her. e J«Jj'oo-?ii Jl-toJ- »- « « l » **" t0 ■~ t °° ^ 
to .ho. you -o-e of the forth m ^ ^^ -paolaou ,„ mnd 

.eoond end third !•«»■* M °l«; } 0p d , ou to find. »h.n in the De.o-Mode. ju.t 
danxeroua aon.tere. ""» . : » 
,,re*. <FIW!> to return to the title eoreen. 



»c. -, Orop W of your U... «o.Pt (th.r. .njw- SSTiJ-S.^STt 
boh .P.O. of th. to.b w ooly hold »»«'*"i J" 0b ~^ ,lr.-i» .ho" th.t U 
drop .» I"-, -h.» th. •"•'••" ;°^*o.»'t SI d°M Upo. HlMUM OK*. 
It.. I. pr...«t. »o« .III 0. *""'J; t ''.??"„; JI. pr.vloo. oo. ,l»lo« »o» th. 
,„„ .III b. «1... •»<>i b ?L ] ;'"? I) i^" 1 3 pi ; { r Jc 5tS! ^d EXIT KNU. A- -.for. 

= "oil's JS^.tTT-aia t J^^„.- s& -- 
Eta- ?,oi"thi. :.r^-.u? - ^^LtTj^swss" :i" s 


s:-:. a a SMH&"^3» , '.iC3 

•eeroh for trepe. you «tllfl»4 *nd evold ell *JJPJ u ^ qo#-on .i.teke to 81ABCM 

of you end ONLY THRM SPACR3 n ^'.JL'Sm- ipl!" lo^TInd then go for.erd 
•t the beginning of e long h.11 .ore then three epeo « °< t ^ t thr „ 

IpioelTn-front S^IT- SrtT^S .TJ^I*. 3-D vie- 


you .re left bended in oo.b.t. (Beo.u.e the P»«rwr I.! > L Si"^JJ- l % r ^ 

I~t " » —poo you he., picked -;J-^ ry " J" ^^ o^"?^ hlrT 

there it .1 1 1 eho. you •! the je.pon .you «JW 'J« ^ to de . th by 

riKLr-rs ; a ^jHftSsffss u-r&*wrsJPf« 

but not in your left hend. IF TOU outri ru« ii « firet 

i«r Kin rattlK Another point: you oen't fight *ltn your in*, i«» - 

bsStTjb =^:s..k: ™-s::;..-.. : .";s:;t::r. : 5i£ 

quality by KXAMlNlng the eeepon.. 


By putt,.. . lt« fro. th. 3P oojflo^t.. ,,o.P ;. ,oor J«f ^{-^^^S 

See INCANT for detelle. 


ss.-j'js ;r. LST.--sr JSSi4 m ras- SSL'S 

workwin.hlp. a. you .111 aee If you BXAM1HI It. 


Universal Fsatursai 

A* you look down tha tunnel a of the Toab. you will at tlaaa aaa ho lea In the 
celling and floor. They lead up and down to the leva I ■ above and below. The 
hole going up froa the level that you atart on lead* out and la what you aunt 
«o through to win the gaae. Using CLIMB UP will do Just that and plaoe you on 
the above level. You need a oouple of iteaa to do ao. I'll let you figure out 
whtoh ltaaa you will need. 



Thle la tha aaa* •• CLIMB UP but will let you go down. 
equlpaent to CLIMB DOWN. 

You alao need the right 


Thie oo w nd doaa aeveral things. First, the foot to* line ahangea. It la atlll 
la three pleoea. On the left aide la the Itea In your left hand. On the right 
la what la In your right hand. And In the atddle (a the nuaber of HP you have 
left. Second, a green box near the bottoa will tell you what araor you are 
wearing. If you are wearing any. Third, you are provided with a aenu alallar 
to tha one that you are ehown whan you DROP an Itea. Thle one alao ahowa the 
eeleotlon of TREASURE. Froa thla aenu you aaleot the category of the itea you 
want to exaaine. If you Juat wanted to aee what Iteaa were being uaed or how 
aany HP you had left. Juat aaleot Ik it Menu. If you EXAMINE a Weapon or Araor 
you will be told lta quality, if you EXAMINE a treasure, you will be told how 
auoh of the treaeure you are carrying . Exaaple: You are carrying 600 Ooid. If 
you EXAMINE a Spaolflo Itea, tha reaulta vary. Don't forget about exaainlng 
eaoh new Itea and weapon to see whtoh la worthy of being wielded. 


If you want to uaa a aagloal itea, you auat flrat plaoe It In your RIGHT HAND, 
then use the INCANT oo— and. If tha itea wasn't aagloal, don't awaat it. 
nothing will happen. If It was, the result will be given, and considering you 
are In the right spot, soaethlng either handy or necessary will happen, such as 
a aonster will disappear. (Sorry, that was Just an exaaple. it really won't 


This will drink one Life Potion, if you have any. To find out the nuaber of 
potions you have you oan EXAMINE the LIFE POTIONS. QUAPPlng pints of el Ixer 
will Increase your HP and thus extend your lifespan. 

Considering you are one square In front of a aonster that has an 10 above 10, 
the aonster will reaot In either of two ways, a threat (Negative) or a friendly 
gesture (Positive). If the reaction is positive, the aonster will not attack 
you. Note: Don't expect a response froa wall fungus. 


This will show four boxes. One for eaoh of the four categories. In eaoh box 
will be all the iteaa that you have In that group. Juat press <PIRE> to exit 

This gaae is controlled entirely by Joystick #1. At all tiaea when you ere 
playing the gaae you are shown a 3-D view of your location In the toab. Except 
for two tlaes, you oan press the <PIRS> button to rid yourself of a aassaga 
that is overleyed on the soreen. An exaaple of that la when you press <FIRE> 
at the title soreen, a aassaga announcing tha naae of the level says 
"Cetacoab." Press ths <F1RE> button to olaar this. Tha exoeptlona are when you 
hit a trap or find a trap by other aeane, tha trap naae and daaaga is displayed 
and you aust wait to continue. 

The gaaa would be pretty ehallow if tha soreen never changed and always 
displayed a fullscreen view of the Toab, right? A systea of overlays has bean 
set up including both annus and aessagas. Thla provides for the ultlaate in 
3-D adventuring with both fast aotlon and alnd-boggl lng pussies. 

To add to the challenge, the aonsters and traps will be placed differently eaoh 
gaae. (Although the aaze el 11 stay the aaae so you oan aap It out.) 

To aaleot froa a aenu la quite staple. Move the joystick up or down to aove a 
block on the left aide (A bubble in soaa places) to tha selection you want and 
press <PIRB>. 

Tha Oaae Soreen: 

All but the bottoa line will display a 3-D view of the Toab and any aessagas or 
annus overleyed on top. The bottoa Una is split Into three seotlons. The 
left hand side will Infora you of whloh ITEMs ara In tha aaae space as you. 
Tha right hand side will Infora you what MONSTER la in the list square aa you. 
The third section. In the atddle. will tall you "hat dlreotion you are 'eolnf; 
WAIT! It doesn't at the beginning, because you don't have an instruaent to tall 
you so. (Such as a ooapass.) It will show as a "?" In the beginning. 

Just Saagins yourself In the tunnel and you should be able to see where other 
tunnels turn off froa the one you are on. 

Movaaeot : 

Once you have left the title screen, you are Into the gaae. Froa here, the 
dock starts tloklng and the heroes drop like flies. Don't be intiaidated, the 
g&ee has been solved in only 10 alnutea, and I 'a sure that after a tlae you 
will coae up with the solution, but not without oountless hours of pure 

To aovs forward, press the Joystick forward; to turn left, preee the Joystick 
left; to turn right, press the Joystick right; to aove back, press the Joystick 
back. At different tlaes other aoves beooae possible; they are: When you are 
NOT sharing a space with a creature, you Bay HOLD the <PIRE> button down and 
PULL BACK on the Joystlok to acoess the aain aenu. This is the. neat of tha 
overlay systea and the whole gaae. if you are in sharing a space with a 
creature, you aay click the <FIRE> button to awing at the creature with a 
weapon. The faster ypu click, the wore hits you will get in before he hlta 
you. NOTE: DO NOT hold the <PIRE> button down when attacking, it will not work 
aa a aachtne gun. 


Your life ia shown by a systea oosson to role playing gaaee known aa Hit 
Polnta. or Just HP. You ara given 20 Hit Points to atart out. That nuaber 
will fall aa you get attaoked by a aonster, gat oaught in a trap, or kill a 
friendly aonster and rise If you kill a hoatlle aonster or drink sobs Ufa 
pot lone. 

J— tilt 

hrour aharaotar .III dl. if «" "^i^S^m.' l!KlM KlT *S "IS 

b. aho«. .n Ml-ted ■•<««« «* StifK^Srt .id ae. * r.port of ,our g— 
tl- during tbi.. '?£***£• J". ^ .t«l. your .oor.. r.nk. end bo. 
It .111 iufor. you of th. au-bar °» ■?**• A Move i. oounfd eaob tlee you aov. 
.uoh of -Mb tr.a.ur. you ooll aotjKK Jjo« fp<j- tM ^ lo 

for-rd or ^k. turn l.ft orrljht. or «^t J #pB|||ad by your „ or .. Th. 

other than HIT MENU or CONTROL. Your r.n. . ^^ ^ y# ^ -oor . 

r«k. .« iUb.. rang. fr«P.oj ^Jj-, J° Ktle.n the.. t«. Th. -oor. I. a 
•*o— 1" of 3O.B08- *»» 2 pr*« <riil> to continue .«d ... th. high 
tot.l of .11 tr...ur. obt.l..d. Pre-. <FU« -aor## you .ill be 

• Heed to .nt.r your n*.. • »■ ^"^J 1 to ..leot th. letter, nuaber. or 
an... io« th. Joy.tlok left JJ J 1 *™ * on to th. next letter la Your 
pun ouatlon you .ant. Then pra-a <" BB > e 5'° o nh. arm. pointing to th. I.ft .«d 
J Mi . > I f ,ou do uk« * • l,fc ' ha * " One. .11 th. are 

™. <FIRB>. It .111 back you up •"•'•"•J; B ,^,. «vd pr... <MR1> until 

r.turn to th. till. eoreen. 



B, holding do., th. <F1R B > button — -■»■•« — -^^Jl^^cboio.:? 
SLoSupied -P.-; ^ou -*!■ o-VJP ^£ SaS BIOS? HAND. .BAR "U**-^ 1 "?^: 
CLIMB DOWN. EXAMINE. INC *"*• *£"' ™ ***• 1* ^ ^ ^ ^ continue th. 

N* II»«« •X Ul i B S - Sit fourteen on.-by-one. R.-..ber. that ..oh 

53. .^uiiVrrr^-rind^t -.. *. «.«. « .«.« **. .-. 

.« ilm ia listed, you will P 4 °* U P 
If. l» th. lo..r l.rt .»"» »' «*• •"•*?^" ."„ II. t to th. n»b.r of 

2=Sia;, plo^-op.'^o^.Iuo. s. i— -™« .t. 


Here 1. .h.r. you ou do anything trtm turning .ouad on or off to ■•t^"< 
■ovesent •p.ada to oomIUN .ulold.. Tfou »r* pr.c.ntwJ with . ^ nu JL"" 
MENU. DELAYS. BOUND, mad RUICIDI. Th. flr.t «IU «*t you out of th* CONTROL 
•eotlon. If you ohoo.. SUICIDE you .111 b. ..kwt If you REALLY «*«t to. 
S. Lot YEA or NAY fro. tb.r.. If you do. you .11 1 b. tr-*t.d m thou«b you 
died. SOUND .ill «!»• you th. oholo. of SOUND ON or SOUND OFF. Th. d.f.ult I. 
ON. Th. .ound. .ffaotwl »r. th. vlotory eon* ud b.ttl. MlHJ. D»^'» * ui 
Slv. you . third -*nu: EXIT MENU. TRAP NAME. TRAP DAMAOI. w»d MOVEMENT. If you on. of th. loot thr.. you .111 b. |Ith . fourth *.nu flvlnc you oholo*. 
r.n«ln« fro. VERY SHORT to VERY LOMO. In.t-«1 of hnvintf . *»**»• »°« *® m °** 
up .nd do.n for you oholo.. you h.v. bubbl*. mad on. i. ftllod In. Tb. out 
riU«d In »t th. b.«lnnln< !■ »h.t th. d.Uy ... ..t .t bofor. you -nt.r ^ th. 
■enu. Ju.t pr... <FIRE> to k«ip It th. .m.. Hnvlng th. bubbl. filial to th* 
current d.Uy le h*ndy If you .w»t it . LITTLE BIT hl«h*r or lo..r. 

Nov. «h*t ... th. third hdu .11 ^>outT Th.r. wr« thr^ d.l.y. yoi 
could «.t .nd . fourth option to b»ll out of d.l.y ..ttlnff. Th. flr.t option: 
TRAP NAME I. th. Miount of tl.. th. i»m. of . tr.p you found or hit .111 .t.y 
on th. .ar..n. TRAP DAMAGE I. th. ••«•. but for th. *....«• t.lllng ho. wy 
Kit Point, you lo.t fro. bitting • tr.p. P.raonnlly. I u.uolly don t Mjust 
th. MOVEMENT, beo.u.. w»y f..t.r mnd you lo.. control, «»nd *ny .lou.r ju.t 
doe.o-t cut it. If you *r. u.ln« . 0.n.». 96*0. you alfbt ..nt to •lo. do.n 
th. MOVEMENT . little. 

Closing I 

Th. C8VALT giv.. you on. le.t not.: 

SURflBON OENBRAL WARNS: At taking th. DMon King or My of hi. cohort, for th* 
purpoa. of obtaining the Aloh.oy 3m. tr«..ur.. .xp.ri.oa*. pr.etlg*. ohi«k.. 
or . front ro. ...t to . Boy oono.rt. bu b*.n prov.n to b. 
h.x.rdou. to your he.lth »nd life. 

Th.y. .■ ..11 •■ I. *l*h you luoh .. you go Into th. Living To*b, .1th m *r*y 
of gunrd. to "*k. .ur. you don't *.o.p. without tb. Aloheay Q*m. 


Don't kill .on.t.r. th.t h.v. ««r.«d to b. frl.nd.. 

Make . ..p. 

SEARCH »ny h.11. that you h.v.n't be.n In 

On. of th. Ite.a .111 prov. VERY ua.ful *h*n BXAMINEd. 

It... th.t you no longer n.Ml cm b. dropped to prov Id. lend **rk. for *.pplng. 

When .t . hdu of W..pon. or Arewr, notion th.t th.y .r. in order fro* writ to 

Al..ya ola.r each l.v.l of Ita a«>n.t.r. ao you don't al.a any la«>ortant it.ei*. 

Secret doora en .ppe.r... If you u*. th. right It., at th. right plaoaa... 

Th. Aloheay Oe. doe.n't .ho. Ita.lf without a llttl* ooaxlng. 

ReaMber: Oood battlaa Ivllj but Evil can t*ooa* good...